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ContiOcean Group

ContiOcean Environment Tech Co. Ltd. was established in Shanghai in 2017, it has developed to a group of 9 subsidiariesin China and overseas (“ContiOceanGroup”). Being a technology group focusing on marine environmental conservation solution, ContiOcean Group’s business mainly covers marine environmental protection solution, clean energy application, intelligent equipment, and marine services. ContiOcean Group has built a strong R&D team with extensive experience in the environmental protection solution for large vessels, which is the core competency for developing our products and solutions for our customers.

ContiOcean Group endeavor to provide cutting-edge quality products and solutions to our customers including shipping companiesand shipyards, etc. Our 24hrs/7days global after-sales service network ensuresbest possible services to business partners around the world.

ContiOcean-Brands: ContiOcean EGCS, ContiLNG, ContiCryo(Cryogenic Valves, BOG re-liquefy), ContiN2G, ContIG, ContiLashing, CMS(Marine Services),  AlfaBack(ABB’s ODM), DISCON(UHP hydroblaster), ContiJet, ContiGalley.


  • Zhou Yang

    Mainly responsible for project promotion, product delivery, procurement and quality control

  • Zhao Mingzhu

    Mainly responsible for corporate strategy, finance and marketing

  • Chen Zhiyuan

    Mainly responsible for customer program design and product development

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